Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

We know how important it is to find the perfect extensions. This page will give you tips on how to get the most out of your investment. 


1. Cowash the hair prior to installation.

2. Always comb(wide tooth)/brush(paddle brush) from the tips of the hair to the root.

3. Use lukewarm water when washing the hair. Note: Wash hair as needed, usually once every week to two weeks.

4. If you must shampoo, use sulfate free shampoo.

5. Do NOT massage during shampoo!

6.Rinse thoroughly.

7. Pat dry! Note: Rubbing hair with a towel to dry may cause frizziness. 

8. Avoid alcohol-based products.

For Daily maintenance

1. Use styling products sparingly in order to avoid build up and the weighed down look.

2.Use water to refresh curls, spray bottles help. Use leave-in conditioner and scrunch for the "wet look."

Lace Disclaimer

•Closures that are transparent or hd lace will need to be tinted for a flawless blend and natural appearance.

•If lace is sewn on, try not to scratch the lace as it will cause shedding and result in the lace needing to be replaced sooner.